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Welcome to NightBeat Entertainment!

We would like to thank you for taking the time and considering us for such a memorable day in your lives .

We believe in challenging the “status quo”and thinking outside the box.  We challenge the “status quo” by being passionate about what we do and striving to create the perfect atmosphere to gather your closest family and friends, so that our couples receive the type of event they deserve. We will work with you to orchestrate wedding memories that will be cherished by all for many years to come. Our enhancements will create something out of a fairy-tale,  and not being bound by the limitations of packages or traditional  standards, allows us to make the details of the day both beautifully styled and extremely personal.

We love to inspire and amaze you and your guest by creating beautiful affairs . Elegant weddings have become our trademark.

We are different than any other entertainment company in Michigan or the surrounding states, and we are glad you are here to learn about our unique services.

What We Do

Our focus is to change the stereotype of what people expect from an entertainment company.

The NightBeat difference truly is our unique approach to entertainment and event planning. We do this without using outdated techniques, cheesy interaction, or blow up props at our events. For us…  every event is different, and we truly believe that you deserve a unique experience that reflects your style, your tastes and what you envision as perfect.

We do some impressive things for some exceptional people, and pride ourselves on not doing the same thing over and over at our events.  When you use our techniques and blend it with our skill, magic happens for our clients, and all of your guest.

We are a company that does events full-time and rely on our good reputation to keep food on the table.  We are professional & reliable. We own pro-grade equipment that gets regular maintenance checks. Backup equipment for anything that could fail (hard drives, computers and wireless mics are the biggest culprits). LEGAL music with unlimited song requests.  Insurance and online planning tools, We are there to help with the little things whenever you need. Professional MC skills, music skills and vendor cooperation.

Together, we will go through every detail of your special day, from start to finish, ensuring that each moment’s presentation reflects your personality and style.

We always advise and guide our couples to pick their vendors carefully. When you work with people you trust and who share the same vision as you, the result is unbelievable.

I can promise you this: no other company in this area will offer you the quality and attention to detail that we do.

Our Services and Enhancements

Our services include but are not limited to Event Planning, Event Host (MC), DJ, Photo Booths and Architectural Lighting Design (Up lighting).

Dance floors crowded with guests of all ages, and smiles from wall to wall, is what it’s about for us. It’s all about making our events as unique as the people that we’re honored to celebrate with. And it’s about personalization of every detail possible, to ensure that unique wedding visions are brought to life. We understand the importance of your wedding, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you will never forget.

From intimate weddings to night life inspired events, we utilize a modern approach that will keep you in the spotlight without using “cheesy” outdated DJ techniques.

Ceremony Sound Reinforcement

Ceremony Sound Reinforcement Includes:

  • Complete musical coverage from Prelude to Recessional
  • Prelude music begins 30 minutes prior to ceremony’s scheduled start time.
  • Bose Sound system
  • Up to two wireless lapel microphones for officiant & groom
  • Ask us about our Outdoor Ceremony doors that lead to your guest seating area!
Reception Entertainment

Reception Entertainment Package Includes:

  • Complete musical coverage from Cocktail to the Last Dance
  • Custom, computer programmed lighting show for dance floor & special formalities
  • Exclusive Planning & Presentation Ideas
  • Reception design process including complimentary Site Visit & Client Meetings
  • Behind-the-scenes Event Direction
  • Personalized, custom Event Host performance
Lighting Design

Discussed At Our Site Visit, Lighting Design (aka Lightscaping) Options May Include:

  • Uplighting
  • Wall Washes
  • Table Pinspotting
  • Blacklighs
  • Pipe & Drape for Head Table
  • White Dance Floor

Brand Your Wedding With Any One of Our Monogram Display Options:

  • White
  • Color
  • Custom Designs
  • Animated Images
Photo Booths

We offer you a variety of photo booth options: Traditional, Open Air, and Mirror Booth.

All Photo Booth Rentals Include:

  • Unlimited Prints
  •  4×6 Prints
  • Curved Backdrop
  • Props
  • Photo Booth Host
  • Unlimited High-Fives

Multimedia Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • LED Screens
  • Photo Montages For:
    • Cocktail Hour
    • Dinner
    • Featured Presentation
    • First Dance
    • Father-Bride Dance
    • Mother-Son Dance
  • Custom Video Productions
  • …Up To Your Imagination!
Cake/Wall Mapping

 Video textures create a dramatic visual experience:

  • Picture Slideshow
  • Color
  • Animated Images
Special Effects

We offer you a variety of special effects enhancements:

  • Cloud Dance
  • Snow Dance
  • Bubble Dance
  • Starry Nights
Tent Lighting

What will make that tent “yours” and how are you going to make it feel inviting to your guests.:

  • Tent Color Wash
  • Image Projection
  • …Up To Your Imagination!
Take two minutes to see if your special day is available.

Top 8 Reasons to call NghtBeat Entertainment:

Planning a wedding … or a party … a corporate event? You’ve come to the right place.

Everyone dreams that their celebration or event will be UNFORGETTABLE and now it is possible. Because every event we do is completely unique it allows us to create moments and memories to last a lifetime. The fun we create is what makes your celebration unforgettable.


The only way to create unforgettable is to allow us to create your UNIQUE. We listen to your needs and wants. We will allow you to stretch your imagination. The Unique opportunities we can bring to your event will help create a memorable and fun celebration.


Creative ideas of thinking outside of the box. Our biggest goal is to imagine your celebration or event without a box and no boundaries. Your unique celebration is guaranteed to be fun!


Common DJ equipment that you won’t EVER see at a NightBeat Entertainment reception: Marketing banners, carpeted DJ speakers, heavily worn equipment, wired microphones, ugly lighting trees, cheap gear, and messy wiring.


We will never resort to embarrassing gimmicks to keep the party moving.


We show up early. We have back-up equipment and entertainers on standby.


Some of our customers like a low-key, elegant affair. Some like it a more energized reception. We do it your way.


The more passionate you are about what you do the harder you work. When it comes to the Entertainment and Lighting industry you will not find more passion in the Detroit area. Our true dedication for your wedding will exceed your expectation and take your event to the next level.

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Your Wedding Cost

As a customer, you want to find the best deal you can. For instance, if you were shopping around for a HDTV you most likely would simply not choose the highest price around. You would research around for the best quality within your budget and gravitate towards the lowest price. However even in the world of consumer electronics there are things like reputations and warranties that need to be factored in your final decision. Would you buy something from a questionable source just to save money? Likely not.

But a lot of people don’t realize this also holds true when it comes to entertainment services like photography, event planners, and wedding DJ services. And this is the trap some people will fall into when searching for a professional wedding DJ. They will see the $150 Craigslist DJ, another with a service averaging say $1500, and one that charges $5000. And from some of the articles that are out there, and the ongoing terrible meme that anyone can be a DJ, you may think that all DJs are the same. But that is farthest from the truth. Each DJ has their own personality, their own special set of skills and capabilities, their own experience to draw from.

Our motto is simple: “It’s Not Just A Party, It’s A Production.”

In order to get an exact estimate on any of our services, we would like to schedule a consultation so we can better understand your wants and wishes. At the end of this consultation, we will be able to provide you with recommendations for your wedding reception and the cost involved.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation for your celebration, please contact us using the CONTACT US tab at the top of the page.

See what other People are Saying About Us

See some of the great reviews we have on weddingwire.com and other wedding planning sites.
Most amazing people to work with!

Johnny and Michelle are the most amazing people to work with! They just did the photobooth, DJ, and cloud dance as well as up lighting and monogram for our wedding. They also did the back drop for the wedding and everything was perfect. They even went above and beyond that and got to know us and what we like and helped us create our ceremony and made it even better than I thought it would be! They went even farther and got us last minute chair covers! These guys did a phenomenal the! I would definitely recommend them to everyone. They are a huge blessing to us! They were part of the fun and family!!!! Thank you so much!

– Ashley

He was absolutely amazing!

I hired Johnny to DJ my sisters wedding and he was absolutely amazing! During the wedding planning he went above and beyond to help us make things perfect. He helped us make a wedding timeline, plan the ceremony decorations and music, table placement and everything else you can think of. We had one meeting at the venue where he had the best ideas for the ceremony and helped me make my sisters dreams come true without breaking the bank. our second meeting was over lunch with the bride and his wife who does the photo booth and we got the ceremony music picked out and went over all final details. There were no issues whatsoever, they were always polite and sure made us feel at ease with the wedding quickly approaching!

– Sarah

Working with Johnny was easy.

Working with Johnny was easy - everything is online on his website. You can log in and add song requests, make payments, add bridal party names, etc. The day of the event, Johnny and his wife arrived very early to set up. They made sure we were happy the entire night - checking in with the bride, bridal party and bride's parents regularly. He agreed to stay an extra 30 minutes for no extra charge. The photo booth was very cute and high tech. They gave us a book with all the photos and our guests' messages. It was very well done!

– Maureen

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